Please Subscribe to My New (German) Data Science YouTube Channel!

I am in the middle of creating a new German YouTube channel that is centered around data science and R! I put a lot of effort into it to serve the interests of the community.

If you want to be a part of the process, watch interesting videos with data-based analyses and look behind the scenes, please consider subscribing to the channel!

The number of subscriptions is also vital for the YouTube algorithm to recommend the videos to other viewers on the platform!

Please subscribe!
Please subscribe!

Here are a few highlights so far:

Thank you very much for your support, it is highly appreciated!

One thought on “Please Subscribe to My New (German) Data Science YouTube Channel!”

  1. I really enjoy your blog to the point of going back through the archives and reading many of your articles. I can understand wanting to make the youtube videos in your native language and to help the German data science community but I would also love to see some in English at times (I know it is a crowded space). I did listen to one with autotranslate which seemed to work ok. Whatever, thanks for bringing this to me.

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